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April 28 2017

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It may be small, but it fits them all.

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Inspirational post of the day.

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April 27 2017

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im going to have a stroke

Instead try…

Person A: You know… the thing
Person B: The “thing”?
Person A: Yeah, the thing with the little-! *mutters under their breath* Como es que se llama esa mierda… THE FISHING ROD

Also consider
Person A: pass me the thingy
Person B: Cual thingy?
Person A: The thingy on top of the deste

Sometimes bilingual peeps shuffle phrases while we think things through, just in case that language’s patterns trigger the right word or idea we want to use. But “turning off” language? Nah…

“Do you have a liga? You know, a… The fucking… the liga. The liga, that… El deste, para tu cabello. The hair… tie. Shit.”

Also, when I’m around other people who I share more than one language in common with, sometimes we’ll just mix them together because some concepts don’t translate well between languages and that could easily happen subconsciously.

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Kuli the one-eyed cat started surfing when he was 6 months old after being rescued from the streets of Honolulu. He has no fear of water because he was bathed a lot while recovering from eye surgery.

As far as surfing cats go, Kuli is a pro - although he does wear a teeny-tiny-yet-functional life preserver on occasion.

He seems pretty content with life, even immediately following surgery.

I just want to point out that you may never again see another photo that includes a one-eyed cat, drenched in water, floating on a surfboard, perfectly chill, in front of a double rainbow.


This is the most magnificent photo I have ever seen.

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